Recommended foods to include in your hurricane survival kit

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Nutrition specialists say you must contemplate a number of elements in deciding which foods to include in your hurricane survival kit.

1. NON-PERISHABLE – You dont’ need foods that may spoil, that want refrigeration, or have to be cooked.

2. LOW SODIUM – The extra salt you eat, the extra water you will need to drink. Since water is usually in brief provide throughout a hurricane, you don’t need to deplete your provide.

three. LOW FIBER/SMALL PORTIONED: Many utility corporations shut off water throughout a hurricane which suggests your rest room will not flush. Eat mild, small parts.

four. CARBOHYDRATE/PROTIEN BALANCED: Once the storm clears, you should still be with out electrical energy and operating water. But carb/protien balanced foods will provide you with power to start the clean-up course of.

Here are some particular foods you may contemplate:

BANANAS/STRAWBERRIES/APPLES – They’re wholesome and have an excellent shelf life, however it is best to select fruits that aren’t overly ripened. Make these among the many first belongings you eat from your kit.

TUNA POUCHES – They maintain sufficient protein to maintain you for hours. They additionally require no cooking, refrigeration or can opener.


RAMEN/NOODLE CUPS – Quick, straightforward and filling. The solely draw back is that you simply may need to eat them chilly.

NUTRITION DRINKS – An entire meal in a bottle and good at room temperature.

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