What We’ve Learned From 9-11, In Sixteen Years

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Sixteen years in the past, a gaggle of radicalized Islamic terrorists hijacked 4 airliners and dedicated probably the most horrific act of terrorism in American historical past.

Two of these planes have been flown into the dual towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the third was flown into the Pentagon. The passengers of the fourth courageously wrested management of their airplane from the terrorists, stopping it from reaching its goal. But they paid for his or her heroism with their life, because the jet crashed within the Pennsylvania countryside.

A complete of two,996 individuals died within the assaults on 9-11, with one other 6,000 wounded. Both of the towers of the World Trade Center, which have been 110 tales tall, crashed to the bottom, as the warmth from the burning jet gasoline weakened the structural beams within the towers’ cores.

The solely saving grace was that the assault occurred early sufficient within the morning, that solely a few thousand of the 50,000 staff and 200,000 day by day guests have been within the towers on the time of the assault. Had the occasion occurred noon, when the towers have been crammed, the travesty would have been a lot worse.

This occasion was a recreation changer for then-President Bush and for the nation as an entire. The War on Terror sprung from the ruins of these towers, as the federal government sought these accountable, particularly Osama bin Laden, the chief of the terrorist group al-Queda.


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Enough time has handed, that many have forgotten the teachings of that dreadful day, particularly these on the left.

But whereas the liberal left is able to forgive and overlook, all however giving our nation to the damaging those that harm our nation, there have been many classes to be discovered that day; classes that may be all too simply forgotten.

1. Terrorism is Alive and Well within the World Today

Before 9-11, terrorism wasn’t an American drawback. Rather, it was one thing that occurred in different nations all over the world. But we have been untouched by it. Oh, we heard the occasional story about some horrific assault abroad, however we weren’t all that involved. After all, they weren’t bothering us.

9-11 awoke our collective consciousness to the truth of worldwide terrorism, particularly terrorism fueled by radical Islam. No longer was it one thing that solely occurred to different individuals, it was one thing that occurred right here at house.

We had the proof. The twin towers have been down, there have been virtually three,000 individuals lifeless.

2. Radicalized Islam is the Most Dangerous Human Force there’s

More than a realization of terrorism, we gained a realization of simply how harmful a faith Islam truly is. Up to that time, it was merely a quaint faith that was practiced by the Arab nations.

But 9-11 thrust Islam earlier than our eyes, not as a world faith, however as a drive for destruction. We had seen the proof; Muslims killed.

If something, radicalized Islam is extra harmful at the moment, 16 years later. Islamic terrorist teams abound, rising each day. There is even what’s claimed to be a Muslim caliphate, created by a terrorist organization, ISIS. Muslims are on the march and their clearly said objective is to take over the world.

three. We Are Not Safe

Much of our collective complacency got here from our perception that we have been too huge to fall, or quite, we’re too massive and too highly effective for anybody to assault. But that proved to e a false hope, as al-Queda used our personal vanity towards us.

The typical knowledge of army planning doesn’t apply to terrorism. They don’t battle stand-up battles, military towards military. Rather, they sneak round within the shadows, attacking civilians when they’re unprepared to be attacked and avoiding a confrontation with police, army and some other armed drive.

This signifies that none of us are protected, regardless of the place we’re. It was confirmed on 9-11 and it’s been confirmed time and again since then; the federal government can’t shield us.

We should be able to protect ourselves, or there gained’t be any safety to be discovered. Even then, defending ourselves from one thing like 9-11 is past what anybody can do.

four. We Can Still Come Together and Support One Another

A number of weeks earlier than 9-11 I used to be watching a World War II documentary. Amongst the various ideas that paraded by means of my thoughts was the query of whether or not the nation might ever pull collectively once more, like we did throughout that conflict, with individuals reaching throughout political strains to help one another and the nation. I concluded that we couldn’t do it once more.

But I used to be glad to see that I used to be flawed. 9-11 pulled the nation collectively, in help of the victims, their households and the necessity to begin the War on Terror. Never earlier than had I seen Americans come collectively in such a means, standing for a standard trigger.

That query has reared its ugly head as soon as once more. Our political divide is bigger than ever. Yet I’ve to consider that if our nation have been ever attacked in such an outrageous method once more, we might all come collectively, placing apart our variations within the widespread reason for therapeutic our nation’s wounds.

5. There Are Still Plenty of Heroes Around

If there was one factor that stood out on 9-11, it was the heroes that rushed to the tower, making an attempt to save lots of individuals’s lives.

These public servants, within the police and hearth departments, gave sacrificially of their time, their effort and in some instances, even of their lives, with a view to save others. Firemen and different rescue staff from across the nation congregated on the Twin Towers, serving to native emergency crews to dig via the rubble and save as many lives as attainable.

While the considered heroes has develop into out of date in some individuals’s minds, the necessity for heroes has not. The world we live in isn’t getting any safer, and so long as it’s unsafe, there can be a necessity for heroes who’re prepared to place their lives on the road, with a view to shield others.

Some of these heroes put on Army inexperienced, others put on police blue and nonetheless others drive round in massive purple vans. But they’re all heroes equally; individuals who put the lives of others earlier than their very own.

6. Anything Can Become a Weapon

In the palms of a killer, something can turn into a weapon. In this case, jet plane turned weapons. Not army plane, armed to the tooth, however on a regular basis airliners, used to haul individuals from level A to level B. But when these plane have been within the arms of terrorists, they turned weapons of mass destruction.

While terrorists and different killers are prepared to make use of absolutely anything to wreck mayhem and dying, the remainder of us are likely to play by the principles. This provides them a definite benefit. A willingness to interrupt the principles permits one to take unusual objects and use them to kill and destroy.

Part of that’s as a result of they aren’t involved about getting harmless individuals killed; in order that they use innocents as human shields, hiding behind ladies and youngsters to kill. When we attempt to retaliate, it’s virtually unattainable to kill them, with out killing these harmless victims.

In doing this, terrorists try and steal the ethical excessive floor from these they’re attacking. In many instances, it really works, particularly contemplating that almost all of the mainstream media helps the terrorists. So, they report the human defend being killed, whereas willfully ignoring the civilian casualties that brought about us to retaliate within the first place.

7. Air Travel is Essential to Modern Society and Must be Protected

For a few week after the assault, all plane, besides army plane, have been grounded, placing an entire cease to air journey and air shipments. This left individuals stranded everywhere in the nation, in addition to placing a big dent in corporations with the ability to conduct regular enterprise operations.

Yet that basically wasn’t an unreasonable response to the assault. Before the federal government might permit airways to renew their regular schedule, they wanted to make sure that there weren’t extra terrorists educated and ready to conduct a follow-on assault. Had they not put a cease to air journey, it might have been irresponsible and put the lives of numerous extra individuals in danger.

One of the outcomes of this assault was in improve in airport security, particularly in stopping individuals from getting into concourses, until that they had a legitimate boarding move and identification. While this has been an inconvenience, it has lowered the probability of a repeat assault.

But there’s one other a part of this that’s necessary, and that’s the safety of the plane’s cockpit. The passengers of United Airlines flight 93 confirmed us the best way. That is, the passengers and crew took it upon themselves to battle the terrorists, actually sacrificing their very own lives to guard others.

Granted, they might have died both method, however on this means, they made their deaths worthwhile, somewhat than merely being extra victims.

Video first seen on Real Stories.

eight. We Must Give Our Military and Police Whatever Support they Need to Stamp Out Terrorism

Terrorism could be very a lot part of the worldwide panorama at this time. To shield ourselves, we should give our authorities and particularly our army, the tools and help it must stamp out this international blight. The solely different choice is to permit the terrorists to win, and that clearly isn’t an choice value contemplating.

The women and men of our army forces put their lives on the road for us, with a purpose to shield our lives, our houses and our nation. Each and each one in every of them has written a verify to the federal government for their very own lives, declaring that they’re prepared to put down their very own lives, if mandatory, to make sure that others may stay. How can we not help them?

Some have stated that violence by no means solved something; however they’re flawed. Violence has solved many issues all through historical past. But sadly, lots of these have been solved within the unfavourable, with evil individuals utilizing violence to their very own ends.

This is strictly what terrorists try to do. They gained’t cease as a result of we converse properly to them. They gained’t cease if we give them cash. They will solely cease when our army forces hunt them down and destroy them. Evil reminiscent of this have to be stamped out, not tolerated.

9. Additional Police Forces, Homeland Security and Stealing Our Privacy isn’t the Solution

It is inconceivable to create a wonderfully foolproof safety community, regardless of how onerous we attempt. There will all the time be holes that terrorists and different criminals can capitalize on. Even within the previous Soviet Union, which was oppressive of their very own residents, a really lively felony factor existed. Smugglers have been widespread, typically shopping for off the border guards who have been alleged to cease them.

Criminals will all the time discover a method by means of safety. So giving up our freedom in an effort to purchase safety is nothing greater than a placebo. It may make some individuals really feel safer, however they aren’t. Terrorists can nonetheless get by means of.

The solely true safety we will have is an armed inhabitants, educated and ready to counter any terrorist exercise on our soil. The sheriff’s division the place I stay places it this manner; they aren’t fearful about having to answer a terrorist assault, as a result of they’re positive that these of us who carry hid will finish the assault, earlier than any of them can reply.

10. We Can’t Let the Terrorists Win

If there’s something the United State of America stands for, it’s freedom. We have been the sunshine of freedom on the earth for over 200 years, exporting our model of presidency to different nations. While we aren’t good, we’re the perfect hope of mankind. That can’t be misplaced.

While Muslim extremists aren’t the one terrorists on the market, they make up greater than 90% of the lively terrorist organizations on the planet. As such, they’re clearly liable for the overwhelming majority of terrorist incidents. That is the terrorism we should battle towards. It’s not the one terrorism we face, however it’s the largest menace.

Islam is completely opposite to freedom; it’s all about submission to their god. Anyone who doesn’t submit is to be killed or enslaved. Allowing the terrorists to win, condemns us and our youngsters to those two attainable fates.

Our freedom is tough purchased, with the blood of patriots. Some of them died within the twin towers, 16 years in the past. We should not let the liberty they purchased us go.

Lest we overlook.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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